chaotic dynamics
Topic of the book

Kaotikus Dinamika
In the past few decades we have come to understand that even motions in simple systems can have complex and surprising properties. Chaotic Dynamics provides a clear introduction to these chaotic phenomena, based on geometrical interpretations and simple arguments, without the need for prior in-depth scientific and mathematical knowledge. Richly illustrated throughout, examples are taken from classical mechanics whose elementary laws are familiar to the reader. In order to emphasize the general features of chaos, the most important relations are also given in simple mathematical forms, independent of any mechanical interpretation. A broad range of potential applications are presented, ranging from everyday phenomena through engineering and environmental problems to astronomical aspects. Chaos occurs in a variety of scientific disciplines, and proves to be the rule, not the exception. This book is primarily intended for undergraduate students in science, engineering, and mathematics.

Readership: second or third year undergraduate or first year graduate students of physics, chemistry, meteorology, computational sciences, engineering and economics.

Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2006
247 x 174 mm, 520 pp
978 0 521 83912 9 (0 521 83912 2) Hardback
978 0 521 54783 3 (0 521 54783 0) Paperback
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